What is the uniqueness of the breed?

August 4, 2022

They are not at all like any other breed of dog even with the CHINESE CRESTED DOG and even more so the AНT(american hairless terrier).

due to isolation and without human participation over the millennia, Xolo has developed a special temperament and exterior. Xolos are amazingly smart and able to express human emotions.

This is the only breed of dog that can cry real tears.

Their physique is different from other dogs, and their paws, like human fingers, are flexible and grab objects.

Xolo is a companion with whom you can communicate without words, they read human emotions.

Of course, their hairlessness betrays their special appearance and cannot fail to please the eye.

The main difference from other hairless dog breeds is the variety of coats in one litter. Only Xolo can be completely naked, slightly covered with hair on the head, paws and tail, or fully coated.

When you get to know the dog better, you will begin to understand that this breed is a kind of thousand-year-old mystery that no one has yet solved ...

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Is a mono-breed Miniature Xolo kennel. 
We know everything about the Xolo breeding and even more. 
We choose only the best Xolo bloodlines in the world for the breeding purpose in our kennel. 
Our graduates live in more than 10 countries in Europe, the USA and Canada.  
All our breeding dogs get tested for genetic diseases and are in excellent health condition.