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How to buy a puppy

All our puppies are extremely valuable, and each of them, in addition to the stud books of the FCI, is registered in the electronic database of the Xoloitzcuintli breed.

As for the price of our puppies, it varies and is formed individually. Why is this so? It all depends on:

-bloodlines of the parents, which are written in the pedigrees (there are cheaper and more expensive bloodlines)

-the number of naked puppies in the litter, because we spend the same amount of time and resources on each litter

-exterior data of the puppy, or rather the so-called show potential-sex of the puppy, girls are more expensive than boys, especially if we see in them the potential to continue the family.-older puppies will be more expensive (puppies over 4 months old), because we invest in them the most valuable thing that every person has - time and care.

You can book a puppy after filling out a questionnaire for the future owner.
After that, based on your answers, we will understand whether this breed is right for you and recommend a puppy that will be comfortable with you.

An intuitive choice of a puppy based on a photo or video can be wrong.
Each puppy is a personality and has its own character, we raise them and see them every day.
If there is no suitable puppy available at the moment, or all puppies are booked, we may recommend waiting for the next litter.

The reservation of the puppy will only become available after it reaches 1 month, which is 25% of the total amount.
After that, this puppy is considered protected and we do not offer it to anyone else.
We also sign a contract with all future owners, the text of which you can read in the blog on this site.

You will receive a puppy from us only after it reaches the age of 3 months.
Because the basic principle of our kennel is the rule that we do not send puppies to a new home that are not prepared for moving under the age of 12 weeks.
By the word unprepared puppies, I mean xolo without the necessary vaccinations, not chipped and not quarantined.

When the puppies turn 60 days old, we take them to the club to register the litter in the FCI stud books. Each puppy is chipped and receives a metric with a number corresponding to the chip.

At the age of 10 weeks, the puppies receive their last vaccination, followed by a two-week quarantine and immunity to leave the house. Also, at the age of 12 weeks, puppies are already well tolerated for long journeys.

Details of delivery within Ukraine and abroad are discussed individually with the future owner. We can recommend a trusted company with whom we cooperate during personal negotiations.

Our puppies live with their owners living not only in Ukraine but also in different parts of the world, including England, Scotland, Germany, France, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, as well as the USA and Canada.

To help us understand you better and whether our xolos are right for you, please fill out the questionnaire. It is free of charge and does not count as a reservation.
However, it is an important moment for our understanding.
We will contact you in the manner indicated in the questionnaire as soon as possible to discuss further steps.


❎ cheaper,not immunized and without club (FCI) documents;
❎ in large kennels where they practice living in a cage or in a room isolated from people;
❎ as a gift for a child, if the child's parents are not ready to take responsibility for the care of the puppy;
❎ as a surprise gift to anyone, buying Xolo should be a balanced and thought-out decision of a person;
❎ We do not give a guarantee that each of our puppies will grow up to be a show, at the age of 12 weeks we see only a show perspective, and also at the age of 5 months the teeth begin to change, and I cannot give a guarantee for a good bite. If you are interested in a puppy for show and breeding, you need to discuss this with us.

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Xoloitzcuintli miniatura - special dogs, so please be sure that you have the ability and a lot of love to give before ordering a dog from us.

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Sine Metu

Is a mono-breed Miniature Xolo kennel. 
We know everything about the Xolo breeding and even more. 
We choose only the best Xolo bloodlines in the world for the breeding purpose in our kennel. 
Our graduates live in more than 10 countries in Europe, the USA and Canada.  
All our breeding dogs get tested for genetic diseases and are in excellent health condition.