When breeding
turns into an art
Professional family kennel
of the xoloitzcuintli miniature breed.

Welcome to the Sine Metu kennel site's in Ukraine

Our breeding's aim is reaching the harmony between a beautiful body shape and a stable psyche of the breed. Therefore, we maintain the beauty of the breed and are the leading kennel of the Miniature Xoloitzcuintli in Ukraine.

About US

Who we are

We are Julian and Julia and we have owned a mono-breed Miniature Xoloitzcuintli kennel in the city of Lviv, Ukraine since 2014. We have done purposeful breeding work, and today we get the first-class Xolos dogs that become good companions to their owners in different parts of the world.
They also prove their breed values at championships within Europe and the whole world.

Breeding is our passion and hobby. Therefore, we invest a lot of our time and make every effort to preserve and improve the breed.

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What we are best at

Why Us?

We have the best Xoloitzcuintli lines in the world, including imported Mexican show lines.  Buying a puppy in our kennel, you get a healthy puppy with a stable psyche, excellent anatomy and breed temperament in accordance with the breed standard.
We raise and nourish each puppy as if it will stay with us for life. Puppies receive the best quality food and early socialization as well. We use professional grooming to care of the puppies’ bodies.
We are open to communication. We provide comprehensive support to the owners of our puppies throughout their lives.

Our stud Xolos

It's no exaggeration to say that the Xoloitzсuintli is one of the oldest and rarest dog breeds on the planet, so this miracle of nature requires special preservation of the indigenous lines.

High-quality puppies can only be born from the same first-class parents.

That is why our stud dogs are imported from the best kennels of the world, even from the homeland of these dogs - the heart of Mexico, and have the best breed conformation to give birth to incredibly cool and high quality puppies.

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little xolos

Our puppies

Each puppy born in our kennel is first of all a personality, with a set of excellent exterior conformation and the breed temperament of the Xoloitzcuintli.

Of course, all our puppies are precious and each of them, in addition to the stud books of the FCI, is registered in the electronic database of the Xoloitzcuintli breed.
We have no more than 2-3 well-planned litters per year.
Therefore, there is a Puppies Waiting List at Sine Metu.

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Our Xolos Worldwide


Liudmyla Smolova

I am so lucky to have found Sine Metu Kennel, which has been breeding Xolo for many years, and does it very professionally and competently. I have a female Sine Metu Geraldine, from litter G. This little beauty is a valuable example of what a real Miniature Xoloitzcuintli should be: short in stature, proportional, fully hairless, with a small mohawk on her head, which is a reminder that she is a girl. At the same time, she has preserved all the requirements for the breed. Now she is childishly a big prankster, but her psyche is still balanced. I see this all as a great merit of the breeder. Thus, If you are considering getting a Xoloitzcuintli - I advise Sine Metu Kennel, where you 100 percent get a high class puppy!

Maryna Nosko

After years of considering getting a Xolo to our family, I started looking for a good and responsible breeder of this kind of dogs. It took me a while to find Sine Metu Kennel,but it was worth it. I am pleased with the whole process -  from the very beginning until today. We get all the help and support from our breeder, and we are so much satisfied with everything. Our boy is healthy, playful and very gentle. He is everything for us even more. Also he is very smart!
I can recommend Sine Metu Kennel wholeheartedly.

Klaudia Estera Sobieranska

I came across the Sine Metu Kennel by chance. Having got my first Xolo from another breeder.

I did not receive any support which I needed so much that is why I started looking for someone who could tell me how to take care of my dog. That's how I got in touch with the Sine Metu Kennel. During the conversation I got to know that there were new born puppies in the kennel at that time, I got interested and decided to have a second dog. I got the pictures and fell in love at first sight with a puppy with white marks. I looked at him and thought: "Yes! This is my baby! This is my boy!". That's how Hagal appeared in our house.
I constantly communicate with Julia, she is an excellent breeder, always provides affordable advice and help, she is also very nice and good in personal communication. We exchange pictures often and I see how much joy she gets seeing that the puppies from her kennel have loving homes.
5 stars is not enough to rate how much work and heart Julia and her husband put in what they do.

Agnieszka Cegla

Sine Metu Cream Brulle aka Canis is our biggest happiness. We have the whole days scheduled around Canis, the weekend too. He is extremely intelligent, he has great success in science and sports. We are so proud of him. Thanks to the breeder, we got a healthy, classy Xolo which is not just a member of the family, but he is our child.

Kravchenko Nataliia

Thank you very much for our Maria!
Briefly about her, she is my beloved little monkey! When I took her in my arms for the first time, I immediately understood that we were meant for each other. She got adapted very quickly in our family and now I can't imagine how I lived without her, it feels like she has been with me for the whole life. 

Сarol Tgrberry

Thank you Sine Metu Kennel for my son. Hnat is the perfect companion that I dreamed about for a long time. He is my inspiration when I draw.
We understand each other without words.

Charlene Suchet

Sine Metu Gloria is an awesome little and very beautiful Xolo with a perfect combination of height and body proportions. We constantly get victories with her. For now she is the Champion of France and Belgium. This is just the beginning of her show career. I am proud of her!

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Sine Metu

Is a mono-breed Miniature Xolo kennel. 
We know everything about the Xolo breeding and even more. 
We choose only the best Xolo bloodlines in the world for the breeding purpose in our kennel. 
Our graduates live in more than 10 countries in Europe, the USA and Canada.  
All our breeding dogs get tested for genetic diseases and are in excellent health condition.