For us, breeding is a matter of life, so our main goal is to preserve the pure native type of Xoloitzcuintli miniaturaaccording to the FCI standard.

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I saw a live Xolo for the first time in my life in 2013 at a dog show. I was numb with delight and could not pass by such an exotic animal.

Having discussed this question with my husband we arrived at buying our first Xolo female - Roksolana Mechta Zhyzny, with whom we plunged into the world of shows. Eventually she repeatedly won the title of Junior and Adult Champion of Ukraine, Club Champion, BOB (Best of Breed).

During this period, my husband and I developed a passion for the breed and a desire to make a greater contribution to it. We decided to import the highest quality Xolo to Ukraine.

Reginald Kvisti iz Kanekso was the first one we chose for our breeding program out of world champions, it was a dog with incredible exterior conformation.

Soon we chose the second male, a rare red color one - Leon Langarica, which was imported from the most important professional mono-breed kennel in Mexico owned by a breeder Sixto Davilla Langarica. After long negotiations with the breeder, he entrusted us with his breeding Xolo.

Since Leon was participating in a breeding program in Mexico at the time, and was not a puppy, we had a hard time buying an adult stud Xolo. Because in adulthood, his perfect conformation was clearly visible, and we paid a lot of money for it. To get to Ukraine, Leon traveled 11 thousand kilometers to get to Ukraine.

I would like to note that Langarica kennel is located in the city of Colima, which is known as the cradle of Xoloitzcuintli, and most of the ancient finds and mummies of Xolo were found there.

Undoubtedly, Leon is one of the best representatives of the Xolo Mini breed I have ever seen, and the fact that we are able to get top-notch puppies from him is not just luck, but a carefully thought-out selection vector. We cooperate and keep friendly relationships with European and Mexican kennels.

Thus, breeders from Poland, Belgium, and Slovenia invited our Leon and Reggie to mate with their Xolo. And as a result of this cooperation, we were able to add puppies from these kennels to our Sine Metu kennel, thus enriching our breeding stock with valuable bloodlines.

In addition, I would like to note that Xolo Mini breed is better known and more popular in Europe than in Ukraine, our graduates mostly live in different countries of the world - in Europe, these are Poland, England, Scotland, Switzerland, Estonia and Finland, France and Germany, Italy, as well as in the USA and Canada.
Of course, our dogs become beloved pets in Ukraine as well. There are extreme sports enthusiasts, musicians, doctors and psychologists, and even Miss Fitness Bikini of Ukraine among the owners of our kennel's puppies.

There are also champions of France, Italy, Poland, Belgium among our graduates. Our Xolos participated in world championships, most recently in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2023, and won prizes among the strongest competitors.

Another interesting fact is that our graduates win in such sports Agility, KursingDog Frisbee and Nous Work, where our Sine MetremBrules the Polish champion.

our breeding program

Basic principles of breeding

Proper breeding and early socialization of puppies is essential.
Our task is to prepare a puppy properly for moving to a new family in order to make the puppy feel comfortable with its owner. To do this, we use educational toys and accustom them to a variety of sounds and, most importantly, to human contact. In addition, all of our puppies receive a balanced diet of the highest quality, as well as professional skin care.
Special program of cooperation with the kennel.
Joint ownership of a pedigree dog is a practice that is accepted all over the world and means that the owner buys a show puppy on special terms.The co-owner conducts a breeding program with our support for only one dog, his or her own, and gets- access to mating with our males- our support in the introduction of the breeding program- our help in raising puppies, as well as assistance in choosing owners for the babies- the prefix of our kennel, in the names for all puppies that will be born to co-owners. The further and more expanded explanation is held in the course of private correspondence, having previously considered your candidac
We make sure to examine the breeding Xolos for genetic diseases and general health before mating.
Only health-tested Xolos, which have received the appropriate certificates and have the necessary permits for breeding, participate in the selection process.The breed is poorly studied, so we check for defects such as dislocation of the patella, congenital retinal abnormalities, as well as possible genetic diseases, and make a DNA profile.


It took us many years of developing before we gained enough of experience and now we know what we exactly want to improve in the breed and what we will work on in the coming years.It is now very important for us to form our own line of show dogs up to the 5th knee.We will be expanding our kennel through co-ownership for the next two years, which will allow us to get more opportunities to breed these dogs in Ukraine.


After 10 years of co living with hairless dogs we got used to the absence of hair in our food and clothes.

And when we felt an urgent need of acquiring another family member in the form of a cat, of course, none of us hesitated to choose a cat without hair.

That's how we got our Canadian sphynx and Elf cats..But our hearts were filled with a special love for little gnomes, short-legged, naked cats - bambinos, as we are not fans of the presence of cats on cabinets and chandeliers.

This breed perfectly combines sweet and calm temperament and is extremely comfortable to live with in the same house, especially when there are other animals in there. They accept and love everyone.We found what we were looking for - the perfect cat. Subsequently, we registered the Sine Metu cattery, got trained as felinologists, and are currently engaged in breeding activities for such breeds as Bambino and Dwelf.

instagram Canadian sphynx and dwElf cats
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Is a mono-breed Miniature Xolo kennel. 
We know everything about the Xolo breeding and even more. 
We choose only the best Xolo bloodlines in the world for the breeding purpose in our kennel. 
Our graduates live in more than 10 countries in Europe, the USA and Canada.  
All our breeding dogs get tested for genetic diseases and are in excellent health condition.