History of the breed

June 13, 2022

It is widely believed that the Xoloitzcuintli was man's first companion and that it is the oldest breed group of dogs on Earth.


Mexico is believed to be the birthplace of the breed as a large number of ceramic figurines have been discovered in this area and it is in this culture that the Xolo became most widespread. Archaeologists collected and identified the remains found and also carried out comparative tests between the remains and modern Mexican xolo. Very interesting about this writes in his works - Dr. Valadez Azua.

The unusual name of the breed comes from a combination of two Mexican words - Xolotl (Aztec God) and Itzcuintli ("dog"). In local mythology, these animals linked the world of the dead and the gods.

Their unusual appearance, caused by an accidentally recorded mutation, ensured that these animals were respected by the Indians. They believed in their sacredness, involved them in their religious rituals and even sacrificed them. Many human burials have been found with their pets, whose task was to escort the owner to the world of the dead and serve him there. Some sources mention that the ancestors of the modern Indians ate the meat of their pets. It was also widely believed that xolos had special healing powers. Many Mexicans noted that after close contact with a member of this breed, they were cured of ailments, in particular joint pain, rheumatism and intestinal disorders. Naked dogs were offered to the guests to warm them up and make them feel healthy.

When Europeans wanted to get rid of religious rituals and cults, the Xolo found themselves on the brink of extinction, but they managed to survive thanks to tribes from remote Indian villages.

Although the history of this breed is thousands of years old, it was only in the second half of the 20th century that it was finally officially registered. Previously, the Xolo was not recognized outside of Mexico and even though there was no breed standard until 1956, the Xolo was believed to be nearly extinct.

This year, a new page of their great history has opened for the Xolo.

They are now being introduced into Europe, Asia and Africa where they are being widely adopted.

A new round of development for this breed also began in 2007 when another variety, the woolly Xolo, was added to the standard.

The standardization of the breed is still underway.

Some colours and coat types are forbidden for the coated type Xolo, genetic research is in progress.

The breed does not stand still and is constantly evolving.

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