What temperament will your Xolo have?

July 26, 2022

It will be about breed temperament.

Most of the puppies born in our kennel will have the temperament I will describe below.

Breed temperament should not be confused with character, which is not innate but is acquired during Xolo's life, just like in a person.

So, Xolo is an active and highly intelligent choleric with a lightning-fast reaction to everything around him. Basically, they are not trusting of strangers and wary. They may need a little more time to get to know your guest, but after a positive acquaintance, he will remember this person for the rest of his life and will be happy to meet again.

Over the thousands of years of existence of this breed group of dogs, a clear temperament related to survival was formed in them, they could not be too slow like phlegmatics or friendly like sanguine dogs, they had to choose whom to trust.

In addition, you can add that most Xolos are hairless, so they spend too much energy to keep themselves warm, they had to move, and the more they moved, the more they needed to eat. Accordingly, food should be sought as soon as possible.

Only the choleric temperament could cope with such tasks. Thanks to vigilance and quick reaction to everything, they have survived to this day and we have a great opportunity to see this living legend with our own eyes.

I am describing my perception of the breed, maybe other breeders will have a different opinion or experience, but I am sure that most Xolo owners observe the same thing.

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