How tall will my puppy grow?

July 27, 2022

The practice of crossing Xolo miniature with medium or medium with standard was natural until a few years ago.

But when the Xolo was divided into sizes:

Mini: 25-35 cm.

Medium: 36-45 cm.

Standard: 46-60 cm.

FCI does not support it further.

We would like to point out that since the division intosizes was made relatively recently,genetically, growth characteristics are still transmitted.

Therefore, at our kennel sometimes from a pair of two Xolos miniatura are born medium, which grow to 40 cm at withers.

These features make Xolo very interesting in terms ofbreeding.

Each litter is a mystery, how tall will the puppies be? It'svery interesting to watch it.

All are born small, but gradually some grow faster andothers grow slower.

As a result, at about 3 months of age you can see if the puppy will be a miniature or a medium.

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