How to make the house safe for a puppy?

July 31, 2022

Pay attention to the following key aspects:

in house:

- remove all plants toxic to Xolo (lilies, aloe vera, ivy,dieffenbachia, caladium, pothos, zamioculcas and cyclamen.)

- hide all the wires lying on the surface and to which the puppy can reach

-see if there are no medicines, chemicals, construction debris, etc. anywhere in thereach area.

- hide your shoes

- cover the slippery floor so that the puppy does not slip. This will reduce the risk ofinjury and prevent incorrect formation of the spine or joints.

in the garden:

-make sure that there are no gaps in the fence and gates of your garden, where the puppy could escape from the territory by climbing over the fence or digging under it.

- you can prepare an area for the toilet

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