What documents will the puppy have at the time of moving?

July 28, 2022

What documents will the puppy have at the time of moving?

We are anofficially registered kennel in the FCI system.

Therefore, all our puppies leave our home with a puppy card and a chip with the number corresponding to the card.Your puppy will be marked in the UKU-FCI pedigree book, all you have to do is exchange the puppy card for the pedigree.

If the puppy goes on a trip to the owners inanother country, I personally make the pedigree exchange after the arrival ofthe puppy to the owner. And the service of removing the pedigree is paid separately.

The puppy will also have medical documents with him - a veterinary passport, in which all vaccinations and dewormings are noted.

Sample documents can be viewed here

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