Why is the moment of the first early socialization so important?

March 10, 2024

Namely, it is important to find a breeder who knows andadheres to all these nuances.

After all the education of your future puppy starts at anearly age when the puppy is still in the womb. And some zoopsychologistsbelieve that one should start working when the mother of the puppies was stillin the womb of her grandmother. Early socialization is a very important processthat gives a puppy his ticket to adulthood. Makes him confident and notcowardly.

Indeed, a lot depends on the upbringing and character of themother of puppies. It is she who gives them their first order of the day and itis important for her to be as calm as possible and not to worry about anythingthe whole time from conception to sending the puppy to their new home. Thisstate of calmness is transmitted to puppies, and then they grow up in harmonyand without anxiety.

I may have surprised you with this approach, but believe me,it works.

I even spoil the mother of the puppies a little bit. She'sallowed almost everything.

Up to 7 weeks old, the puppy is in close contact with hismother and siblings. And also with the breeder and his family, and we try toform his trust in people in the future.

In our kennel we feed our puppies only from our hands, so wedevelop a bond with them, and often we touch and pet them. This is veryimportant for the xolo so that in the future he is not afraid of you and likesto be touched.

Until the puppy is fully immunized, we do not take him outsideto other dogs. Because it's a risk of getting infected. But we have enough dogsin the house so little Xolos can play with them and learn behavior with other Xolos.

At 1 month, the puppy is already on its feet and begins to go beyond the territory of the "nest". Everything is interesting to him, and toys for puppies play an important role here. The puppy begins to learn new sounds, so it is important to show him their variety. We gradually begin to create different situations and see how the little xolos react to them.

Among the wonderful toys that we really like to use are mats with different surfaces, sniffing mats, squeaky toys, and chew toys. Light effects were also added to this brood, namely toys that glow in different colors and blink.

We praise the puppies if they show interest in the toy and are not afraid of it. Everything is happening very positively and for the puppy it is a whole exciting learning adventure.

After full immunization, when it can be taken out into the yard, we gradually accustom the puppy to the leash and to the sounds of the city. We often walk near the roads so that the puppy is not afraid of the sounds of cars.

And we also try to facilitate the acquaintance of the puppy with other people.

That's the whole process for this period.

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